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Associação Brasileira dos Criadores do Cavalo Árabe (ABCCA)
Associação Brasileira dos Criadores do Cavalo Árabe (ABCCA)

Hannie Maasdijk / 2017-07-30
Zells Kate, winer of the mares division, and Rhondo Rach, winner of the colts & stallions, have made history winning first the Grade 3 Races concluded at Hipódromo de Cidade Jardim
The Wathba Stallion Cup festival was a fantastic show last Saturday at Hipódromo de Cidade Jardim. Emotions were high during the three races for Arabian horses with the big races won by Fada HVP, Zells Kate and Rhondo Rach.

At the first race of the meeting, debutant Fada HVP surprised the favorites and won by a good margin in the Prize Especial Quazar - Wathba Stallions Cup, over 1.000 meters, on turf.
The mare, by Khidar and out of Fate BFA (Falcon BHF) born at Agropecuária Vila dos Pinheiros Ltda, owned by André Lahoz Mendonça de Barros. The winner was ridden by apprentice André R. Oliveira.
“The rhythm of an Arab horse is very different from a Thoroughbred, but I felt the speed of the race and rode Fada HVP from the middle to the front and she answered well. I am very happy to get my first win with an Arabian horse”, said the apprentice.
The trainer, Thiago Haidar, is an expert with Arabian Race horses, and won this first race. “It was an amazing and easy win, he said. Besides several early debut races, Fada HVP is not really ready to race but she proved her class by winning this race. We chose a good apprentice, who is a very good kid and works hard.”
Haidar commented as the state of Arab Horse Racing in Brazil. “Today, for sure is a historic day for Arab race horses. We succeeded in holding an amazing festival, with three magnificent races, two of them Grade 3, with a very attractive purse. I am very happy to be part of this moment”.

The finishing positions of the first race are as follows: Fada HVP (winner), with Passion Rach (2ª), Hórus HVP (3º), Theokoles Rach (4º) and Morgan HVP (5º). After Ignatius Rach (6º), Lina Rach (7º). Winning time for Fada HVP was 1’06”392.

The first Grade 3 for Arabian mares the GP Mahabb - Wathba Stallions Cup, over 1.400 meters, Turf, couldn’t have had a better finish: The winner Zells Kate set a new record for Mares with a time of 1’36”171.
Out of the gates, Zells Zenyatta, took the lead, with expert jockey J. Rogério on board. Jeane Alves riding Zells Kate was running 2ª, followed by Guinevere Rach (3ª), Ciranda VE (4ª), Vertente Rach (5ª), Cantiga VE (6ª) and Miss El Chall AJR (7ª).
At the turn, Zells Zenyatta (1ª) was 2 lenghts ahead of Zells Kate (2ª), followed by Vertente Rach (3ª), Guinevere Rach (4ª), Cantiga VE (5ª), Ciranda VE (6ª) and Miss El Chall AJR (7ª).
At the final stretch, Jeane Alves showed Zells Kate the front, without using the whip and they took the lead easily to win this Grade 3 challenge, with a new record for Arab mares.
Zells Zenyatta was second with a great margin, followed by Cantiga VE (3ª), Vertente Rach (4ª) and rookie Miss El Chall AJR (5ª).
The Champion, Zells Kate won the R$ 20.000,00 purse. The mare is by S W Zell and out of Zell Lady in Red (Zachzell), bred by Lynn Kitto and owned by Almir José Ribeiro.
“With a great horse, everything becomes easier. As I already know Zells Kate and Zells Zenyatta, I really believe the first one is a little bit better than the second one, so I made the right choice, and won a fantastic race”, said Jeane Alves, who didn’t use her whip on Zells Kate. “Why use the whip?”, asked the lady jockey in return.
Trainer Alexandre Garcia Saldanha Correa, who had two entries Zells Kate (1ª) and Zells Zenyatta (2ª) said, “To win a race is a happiness, win a Grade 3 is even better! Zells Kate is a very sensible horse, and we worked hard to calm her down with success. Zells Zenyatta is a high strung horse. We travelled from Campinas where both are based to São Paulo to promenade both, hoping to calm her down. Fortunately, it worked and today both showed their class”, said Alexandre Garcia.
The professional also praised the development of Arab Races in Brazil
“Races with big prizemoney encourage owners and professionals. There are several Thoroughbreds owners who are now starting to get interested in Arab horses. Without doubt, I believe we will have more races like this in the future”.
Almir José Ribeiro, vice president of Associação Brasileira dos Criadores do Cavalo Árabe, is the happy owner of Zells Kate and said regarding the race.
“First of all, I would like to thank to HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan who is promoting Arab Races worldwide, Lara Sawaya who once more made it possible with the Wathba Stallion Festival in Brazil, the ABCCA Board, who still believe in the success of Arab races in Brazil, related to Zells Kate victory, it is a single sensation! My wife and kids and I always have believed in the talent of this amazing runner, who, now is part of history of Arab races in Brazil. Thanks to the terrific work, dedication and professionalism of our Team, we got the first win in a Graded 3 race in Brazil!!”.

Next up was the GP Munjiz for colts & geldings - Wathba Stallions Cup (Grade 3), also over 1.400 meters, on Turf. Rhondo Rach, record holder of 5 furlongs, proved that a longer distance is no problem at all.
After the start, Rhondo Rach and Velozter jumped fast from the starting gate, but Velozter (1º) took the lead. Rhondo Rach (2º) with Mozart HVP (3º) and Kazan RB (4º). Heron HVP (5º) speeding up by jockey W Duarte. AMB Acalanto (6º), Marei Rach (7º) and Mahogany HVP (8º).
At the turn, Velozter (1º) with Mozart HVP (2º) and Heron HVP (3º). Rhondo Rach (4º) coming close. AMB Acalanto (5º). Marei Rach (6º), Mozart HVP (7º) and Mahogany HVP (8º) following.
Heron HVP took the lead a few meters before the final stretch, while AMB Acalanto was pushing with Mozart HVP. Gelson Ribeiro took Rhondo Rach close to the rail where he got the lead and ran to the finish line. In a good race, coming from the back of pack, Marei Rach took second, with Heron HVP, in 3º. Mahogany HVP (4º), Velozter (5º).
With winning the first Grade 3 race Rhondo Rach added one more win to his race record.
Rhondo Rach by Vaillant Rach and Rhondda Rach (Gothos Rach), is bred by Rach Stud Agropecuária Ltda and owned by Ricardo Jamil Saliba and registered a winning time of 1’36”451.
“This win is very special to our family, as our focus is Arabian racing. So, when we got this terrific result, it was confirmation that everything is progressing well. Rhondo Rach proves this point, as his parents were also bred by us. The whole family was here, so we had a lot of pressure, but what a great ending!”, said Ricardo Jamil Saliba, who got a prize of R$ 20.000,00 (Twenty Thousand Reais) for Rhondo Rach’s win.
Trainer Lucas Quintana made a double, with Rhondo Rach (1º) and Marei Rach (2º) “I am very satisfied as Rhondo Rach has returned to his best shape. He is flying and soon he will give more wins. The double with Marei Rach makes me very happy. I got the same feeling as the day of GP Brasil (G1-2400mG), when I won with Dídimo. I am very happy!”, said the trainer.
The Wathba Stallion Cup festival distributed R$ 100.000,00 (One Hundred Thousand Reais) in prizes with a great success, now looking forward to 2018 with huge expectations.

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