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IFAHR arabian horseracing website Nez D'or, arabian race horse from United Arab Emirates
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Nez D'or

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Nez D'or, arabian race horse from United Arab Emirates
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United Arab Emirates Nez D'or (FR)
by Dormane ex Naiada Al Maury (Baroud III)
born: 1997 in FRANCE
male, bay
national champ of United Arab Emirates 2002, United Arab Emirates 2001
Nez D'or
Nez d'Or
© 2002 UAE Racing & Equestrian Federation

not in training 2005

owner: H.H. The President, United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 
trainer: Mr Julian Smart, Qatar Qatar 
IFAHR races: 14 prize money: 257.636,90 EUR

IFAHR race statistic for Nez D'or:
year rcs. prize money 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. n.p.
2003 4 58.789,62 EUR   1   2     1
2002 4 123.919,31 EUR 3 1          
2001 5 57.636,90 EUR 2 2 1        
2000 1 17.291,07 EUR 1            
total 14 257.636,90 EUR 6 4 1 2     1

IFAHR ratings for Nez D'or
Ctry. ratings (kg)

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