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Arabian Horse Racing
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Arabian Horse Racing

Arabian Horse Racing
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Arabian Winter racing in Sweden 2009. Photo: Sofia Nordin
Arabian Winter racing in Sweden 2009. Photo: Sofia Nordin
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IFAHR Statutes

For the purpose of setting up an International Federation of Arabian Horseracing, bringing together all national and international Arab Horse Racing Associations,

  • (AFAC) Association Française du Cheval Arabe de Course
  • (DRAV) Deutscher Rennverein für Arabische Vollblüter e.V.
  • (AHRCB asbl) Arabian Horse Racing Club of Belgium
  • The United Arab Emirates Equestrian and Racing Federation
  • The Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club
  • (SAHRC) Swiss Arab Horse Racing Club
  • The Racing Board of the Arab Horse Society (United Kingdom)
  • (ARCA) Arabian Racing Club of Austria
  • (DARC) Dutch Arabian Racing Committee
  • The Russian Jockey Club
  • The Dirab Arab Horse Centre of Saudi Arabia
  • The Arabian Jockey Club of USA
  • The Jockey Club of Turkey
  • The Arabian Union of Horse Racing of Egypt
  • The Racing Committee of AECCA (Spain)
  • Svenska arabgalopklubben (Swedish Arab Racing Club)
  • The Royal Moroccan Arabian Breeders Association
  • The Jockey Club of Poland (Sluzewiec-Tory Wyscigow Konnych)

All founding members of the International Federation of Arabian Horseracing Authorities move that the Statutes hereunder be adopted.


I. Creation. Objects. Name. Registered Office. Duration

Art. 1
All members without regard to the date of actual signing do hereby agree to come together for the purpose of forming a non-profit organisation according to the French Law dated July 1rst 1901 (hereafter the "federation")

In order to improve the speed, stamina, soundness and temperament of the Arab horse breed through racing, the Federation shall:

  • universally adopt the term 'Arabian horse racing'
  • facilitate international competition between Arabian racehorses by:
    acceptance of universal recording methods
    acceptance of universal rules of racing
    acceptance of universal recording of 'form'
    acceptance of universal handicapping methods
  • establish standards of acceptance for participation in Arabian horseracing
  • promote and facilitate Arabian horseracing in Member countries
  • foster and develop exchanges between Arab horse racing Authorities of the member countries without discrimination
  • publish or foster the publication by member countries of a data base of racing information, race plans, racing results and statistics of Arabian horseracing utilising universal recording methods, which will be made available to all the breeders Associations
  • encourage sponsorship but promote financial independence
  • harmonise and co-ordinate racing conditions for international and national races
  • create and enforce rules that shall control and secure total integrity in Arabian horse racing

The designation of the Federation is

International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing Authorities

With acronym:


The registered office of the Federation shall be at c/o Syndicat des Eleveurs de Chevaux de Sang 257 avenue Le Jour Se Lève 92100 Boulogne France

The duration of the Federation is not limited in time

II. Membership

Members of the Federation are the Founding Members and the Arabian racing authority of any country that shall be, upon application, admitted as member to the Federation , provided such authority is a bona fide Arabian racing authority, Applications are presented by the Executive for ratification by General Meeting (Executive and General Meeting are defined in Ch.III)

Members shall pay to the Federation a minimum annual subscription of 200 Euro. The Executive shall make a more definite proposal for the annual subscription which shall be accepted by General Meeting

Any Member may resign from the Federation provided that they address their resignation to the Chairman.

The General Meeting shall have the right to suspend or terminate the membership of any Member that is in default of payment of subscription, or for serious matter, provided that such member shall have the right to be heard before the General Meeting, and the decision shall be taken by a majority of two thirds of the vote cast

III. Organisational Structure

The Federation will elect members of the Executive Board. The Executive shall be made up of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 elected members. The total number of Executive members shall be decided at a General Meeting.

Each member (country) shall be entitled to put forward one candidate for the election of the Executive.

Each member (country) shall be entitled to delegate one voting member to the General Meeting and one or two observers.

Meetings of the Executive and General Meetings should be conducted in English language.

General Meeting elects the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, the Treasurer, if necessary the Secretary, and the other members of the Executive. These officers shall be elected for three years by secret ballot and can be re-elected indefinitely.

Unsuccessful candidates for the position of Chairman are made available as candidates for the position of Vice-Chairman, and unsuccessful candidates for the position of Vice-Chairman, Treasurer or Secretary as candidates for the position of member of the Executive.

Meetings of the Executive may be convened by the Chairman or by half of the Executive members, at least twice a year, and so often as may be necessary for the good management of the Federation. Notice of the meetings shall contain an agenda of matters for discussion and resolution. Members of the Executive may be removed from office by a majority vote of non-confidence of the General Meeting.

The quorum necessary for any meeting of the Executive shall be half of the members of the said Executive.

The Federation shall hold an annual Ordinary General Meeting where all members shall be convened. Notice shall be given not less than 20 days prior to the date of the meeting and shall contain an agenda.

The ordinary business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:

  • to receive a report from the Chairman and possibly from the Secretary
  • to receive an annual statement of income-expenditure and a balance sheet.
  • to consider matters which are relevant to General Meetings
  • to consider any other business

The Quorum for General Meetings shall be half of the members of the Federation represented by voting delegates.

All motions shall be decided by a majority of the votes cast by a show of hands, or by secret ballot if specific people or countries are concerned by the vote. Proxy votes are allowed on the points of the Agenda but not on new topics that may occur during the meeting.

All General Meetings other than Annual General Meeting shall be known as Extraordinary General Meetings.

Alterations and additions to the Constitution shall only be approved at an Extraordinary General Meeting by a majority of not less than two thirds of the votes cast, and the voting process shall be show of hands, however proxy votes will be allowed. General Meetings must be recorded in writing and these minutes signed by the Chairman or by two members of the Executive.

Members who, to their knowledge, are in any way (directly or indirectly) interested in any contract, arrangement, transaction or proposal with the Federation shall declare the nature of their interest and not be entitled to vote on the matter.

IV. Rights of National Authorities

Members shall recognise the right of national Arabian horseracing Authorities to have their own regulations for domestic and open races but members shall also recognise the dominant aim of the Federation which is to unify regulations among member Authorities.

V. Finance

Resources of the Federation are:

  • annual subscriptions
  • possible subsidies
  • any other means authorised by law

VI. Dissolution

The Federation shall be dissolved if the Executive shall decide that a dissolution is advisable and the said decision shall be confirmed by a resolution passed at an Extraordinary General Meeting specially convened, by a majority of not less than two thirds of the votes cast. The General Meeting shall then appoint one or two liquidators who shall be responsible for the liquidation of the Federation.

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