History of IFAHR

IFAHR was founded as a non-profit organisation (according to the French Law dated July 1st 1901) on the 11th of January 1999 in Paris, after subscription by the delegates of the founding member-countries of the statutes, for purpose of co-operation between all national and international Arab Horse Racing Associations throughout the world. The Federation is registered in France / 257 avenue le Jour Se Lève / F-92100 Boulogne, which is also the seat of “France Galop” and the location of the yearly IFAHR General Meeting. A preliminary meeting (based on the ECAHO race-commission) had taken place the 14th of September 1998, in Gotha/Germany, for preparing the statutes.


IFAHR first General Meeting took place in January 1999, our Federation is now 20 years old.


For the purpose of setting up an International Federation of Arabian Horseracing, bringing together all national and international Arab Horse Racing Associations.


WAHO in charge of inspection and acceptation of Stud Books ECAHO which would unite all European organizations plus associate members like Russia, Middle East and North African countries


The new International Federation of Arabian Racing Authorities must immediately act to promote and improve Arabian racing worldwide.


The sport of Arabian Racing is international. Even global. This is one of the most interesting aspects of it.

At IFAHR we try hard to increase the friendship between enthusiasts from all over the world. To create new contacts between people.

This is why we now open for a new type of fellowship.

IFAHR Fellow. A way of supporting the sport and to show the world that you are serious in your support.

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The Purpose of Ifahr

The purpose of IFAHR was formulated as follows: In order to improve the speed, stamina, soundness and temperament of the Arab horse breed through racing, the Federation shall: universally adopt the term ‘Arabian horse racing’ facilitate international competition between Arabian racehorses by:

  1. acceptance of universal recording methods
  2. acceptance of universal rules of racing
  3. acceptance of universal recording of ‘form’
  4. acceptance of universal handicapping methods
  5. establish standards of acceptance for participation in Arabian horseracing
  6. Sed ut perspiciatis unde
  7. promote and facilitate Arabian horseracing in Member countries
  8. oster and develop exchanges between Arab horse racing authorities of the – member countries without discrimination
  9. publish or foster the publication by member countries of a data base of racing information, race plans, racing results and statistics of Arabian horseracing utilizing universal recording methods, which will be made available to all the breeders Associations
  10. encourage sponsorship but promote financial independence harmonise and co-ordinate racing conditions for international and national races
  11. create and enforce rules that shall control and secure total integrity in Arabian horse racing